Custom on-hold music

Give your customers the perfect on-hold soundtrack

We also record your marketing messages over the music and record your menu system. Any kind of audio recording- you have you covered.

Here are a few facts:

  • According to Electronic Distribution Today The average hold time is 38 seconds and those customers left on-hold without any background music felt that a 30-second on-hold call actually lasted 90 seconds. Furthermore, customers thought a 30-second on-hold call that used music-on-hold lasted only 15 seconds.
  • 88% of callers want an on-hold message to other hold options, and 16 – 20% made a purchase based on an on-hold offer
  • On average 7 out of 10 business callers are placed on-hold.
  • One study found that of the 8 – 15% of a company’s customer base is lost each year, 68% is due to indifferent or negative phone treatment
  • Studies show that after an average of 1 minute and 55 seconds of hold time most callers hang up annoyed – 34% of those callers who hang up will not call back.
  • 88% of callers surveyed want to hear product information on-hold and will stay on the line longer if provided with this information – roughly 20% said that they have purchased additional products based on information they heard while on-hold.

No one likes making their customers wait, but sometimes this can’t be avoided. Here at AB Music we are adept at creating the perfect soundtrack for your customers to listen to while on hold.

Added to this can be a voice-over marketing message- increasing the reach of your latest campaign, informing customers of your latest offering or just a simple message thanking them for holding.

Each track is written with your individual needs in mind; take a listen to the example below (this piece has now been taken to be used on TV) and let us know what you would like your customer to hear. Tracks can range from instrumental music to full songs.

To find out more please contact Andrew on 03300578577, 07969395825 or by email  or fill in the form and we will get right back to you

We offer a simple pricing structure with options for one-time fees (from only £50) or low-cost monthly agreements (from only £6pm).

Once ordered, you will receive your first draft of the music usually within 2 business days- then the completed piece one or two days after that. We can deal directly with your telephone system provider to ensure everything gets put into place with the minimal amount of fuss.